Joseph C. Scott
Medical Center

Rydal Park’s new medical center addition is conveniently located at the front of the campus, where existing services can be shared and the new building presents a fresh and contemporary image to the community. It consists of two floors of under-building parking with two floors of nursing, organized as two neighborhoods per floor with separate primary living spaces. Services are discreetly delivered into the core of the living spaces and a residential kitchen opening to a light-filled dining area, with large expanses of glass, revealing treetop views.
The fifth floor memory support is organized into two, 12 room households with decentralized living areas and a light-filled, central core area with dining, a residential kitchen and a roof-top courtyard. The homelike design accommodates wandering patterns that avoid any dead end corridors thereby discouraging elopement without frustrating residents. Adjacent to nursing, memory support and the newly renovated assisted living is a shared services and amenity area.