Luther Crest
Dining and Commons

Luther Crest’s dining experience had fallen short of current resident expectations and market demand, with one large and undifferentiated dining space and a café dining area that was too small, with limited menu offerings. The objective of the renovation was to enhance the resident’s social and dining experience by providing multiple dining options: waited restaurant dining, casual buffet dining with display cooking, private dining and café dining. All of these venues and adjacent common areas needed to be planned and designed in a manner that provided for flexibility in the use of the space; and, delivery of services without violating the ambiance of resident spaces. The resulting design utilizes a natural wood and stone material palette and undulating, soft forms to create a range of interconnected, spatial experiences from dynamic, lively spaces to more intimate and quiet. Spaces are subdivided by a variety of soffits, columns, partial height walls, fireplaces and/or pocket doors to control acoustics as well as providing flexibility in the use of the spaces.



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