Luther Crest
Southgate and Bridgegate

SCA created Southgate at Luther Crest, a New Urbanist cottage neighborhood that places services and parking off rear alleys and creates a street with sidewalks, planting strips and street trees as a public space for pedestrians and front porch community life. The project site included a wellhead for the local township and the resulting restrictions demanded environmentally sensitive site planning and the utilization of best management practices such as bioswales and vegetated filter strips.The existing Luther Crest apartments consisted of a series of four telescoping buildings that produced both poorly proportioned exterior spaces and long hikes to visit the commons or fellow residents. Circulation routes were shortened; and, the market demand for larger, loft-like apartments with generous balconies and porches was satisfied, with the insertion of three 14-home apartment buildings. The delicate siting of the buildings required the provision of fire and maintenance vehicle access to the better proportioned interior courtyards as well as handicap accessible interior ramping between existing buildings.





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