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Owner: HumanGood

Location: Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

The award-winning Rydal Park repositioning master plan, begun in 2006, has had a transformative effect not just on Rydal Park, but also, the entire surrounding neighborhood. The transformation continues with Rydal Waters through the theme of connection within the Rydal Park/Rydal Waters community and extending to the community at large which has grown more vigorous as a result of RP/RW’s influence. In 2006 the strip shopping center adjacent to Rydal Park had many empty store fronts, the car dealership across the street was closing down and the Whole Foods anchoring the shopping center was hanging on by a thread. Driven by the goal of “creating community by design” and understanding that many baby boomers in the Philadelphia market want to live in a mixed-use and mixed-age setting, SCA saw a perfect opportunity to create a welcoming connection and threshold, blurring the edges between the shopping center and Rydal Park. Since the completion of the first phase in late 2013, residents now enjoy a completely renovated shopping center with every storefront full and the car dealership is back in full swing. 

Messiah Village Description
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