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Owner: Westminster Communities of Florida

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Westminster Saint Augustine is an existing active retirement community located amid the quite streets of the World Golf Village but within a short jaunt to the cities of Saint Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida. An addition to the original scope, Parcel 13, located across the lagoon to the southeast of the existing campus is designed as new independent living community with its own entrance and vehicular circulation path. However, to make the whole campus a cohesive community, a pedestrian bridge will connect the parcel to the established site and provide the residents with an access to the existing amenities. The project will be divided into two constructional phases, both of which features a mixture of an apartment tower, a 3-story hybrid building, and 4-5 townhouses and single villas. Overall, the site will host 2 four-story IL apartments, 2 three-story hybrid buildings, 9 townhouses, and 8 single villas, which in total will offer 98 independent living units with a variety of sizes ranging from 1,100 sf one-bedroom units to 2250 sf single homes. To take advantage of the water features surrounding the site, the buildings are oriented in such a way that most of the units and common spaces will have a splendid water view for the residents.

Messiah Village Description
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