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Owner: The Presbyterian Home at Charlotte

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Sharon Towers is an existing CCRC located in the heart of the upscale, mixed-use Southpark area in Charlotte, North Carolina. Stewart & Conners Architects began working with Sharon Towers leadership and stakeholders in 2008 to formulate a vision and master plan designed to retain Sharon Tower’s market leading presence and to strengthen the connection to their surrounding community. The phased master plan enhances the access and use of existing natural areas and amenities, taking advantage of stunning views on and off site and providing necessary program upgrades, beginning with a complete renovation of the dining experience, followed closely by introducing Villa apartment buildings to broaden Sharon Towers market offering; and, to help fund the needed repositioning of the healthcare components. In keeping with a renewed wellness and person-centered philosophy the master plan anticipates a new wellness and life-long learning center at the front of the site, creating a welcoming threshold to the Southpark community at large. 

Messiah Village Description
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