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About Us

Creating Community by Design

The driving force of our firm is the desire to create value for our clients through an engaging design process resulting in a built environment with a sense of place, promoting wellness and connection with the community; and, accommodating individual choice, independence and autonomy.

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Our Story

Since it’s inception in, SCA has offered a full complement of architectural services in the design of senior living projects ranging from small additions to large complex campus repositioning plans. We have been fortunate to have several clients that have entrusted us with major campus repositioning plans as well as the implementation of those plans over several years and multiple projects. Although our experience is varied and broad and includes hospitality projects our passion is senior living and the creating of meaningful, supportive, and engaging environments for people of all ages with a focus on our elders.

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Our Philosophy

At Stewart & Conners Architects we believe that the built environment is both an expression and response to local and universal cultural values; and, our buildings simultaneously express those values and shape the way we live.

Built form must convey a sense of wholeness and value while enhancing the quality of life for both the individual and the community. To paraphrase the first century Roman architect, Vitruvius, architecture must be useful, usable and aesthetically pleasing. While every project and client is unique we believe that these core ideas about the built environment will be successfully expressed in each project if the project is designed to be:


Mission Compatible

The mission, vision and goals of every project and client are unique. SCA strives to be good listeners that hear and respond to the vision and needs of each client; however, our universal goal for each project is simply that the building enhances the quality of life of those who live and work within and around the building.


Contextually Responsive

Every community has its unique qualities rooted within the local culture, landscape, buildings and people. A successful project will acknowledge and give form to those unique qualities in an aesthetically pleasing manner.



Sustainability refers to the current utilization of resources (human, social, natural, environmental, financial, operational, etc.) to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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