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Managing Principal | Project Manager

Juan was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia where he graduated as an Architect. He moved to New York City in 1999 where he worked as an architectural designer gaining experience in residential, commercial, and manufacturing buildings. In 2008 he decided to relocate, received a job offer from Stewart & Conners Architects PLLC and moved to Charlotte NC. He quickly became passionate about Senior Living, finding it to be the most interesting and rewarding project type. Since then, he has been a great mentor for interns, guiding and helping them to understand the complexities of building design. Over his years with SCA, he moved from Project Architect to Project Manager, became a US citizen and obtained his NCARB certification. His commitment and dedication to the profession and to SCA was recognized by his peers and he is now a Managing Principal. When not in the office he dedicates his time to his family and enjoys traveling with them to learn about other cultures. Juan loves watching movies and he is now planning to resume his old hobby, playing the piano.

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