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Owner: Diakon Senior Living

Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Desiring to project a wellness lifestyle to its’ residents and guests Luther Crest placed a high priority on the renovation and expansion of the wellness program early in the repositioning plan. Although the site is very restricted, SCA was able to plan the renovation and expansion at the heart of the community, easily accessible to both independent living and healthcare; and, with controlled glimpses into the wellness area from the marketing center above. Additionally, the site, existing buildings and porte-cochere did not create an inviting or recognizable entry sequence, so SCA created a tower at the end of the wellness addition that draws the eye and initiates the entry sequence. A necessary site retaining wall further strengthens the entry sequence, transforming into the tower, providing the opportunity for a donor wall at the wellness entry and leading the eye to a renovated and more welcoming porte-cochere. 

Messiah Village Description
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