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SCA Quick Take - LeadingAge North Carolina

Our Principal, Cua, recently attended the LeadingAge conference in North Carolina. We sat down with her to ask a few questions on what she took away and learned from the conference as well as her “ah-ha” moment - read below for our SCA Quick Take:

Q: What did you enjoy most about the conference?


Cua: I enjoyed going to the social events throughout the days of the conference. It was great to hear about all the new things that everyone is doing and getting to know them during these events. Everyone is excited to talk about their communities and getting to know other attendees on a personal level was great.

Q: Who or what company did you enjoy meeting at the conference and why?


Cua: I really enjoyed meeting Chuck Tatum and Danielle Kuhn with Edifice at their hosted networking event. They have a ton of experience in the field and we discussed the latest building trends, issues, progress, and future predictions - any and everything to do with moving forward and building better communities and how contractors and architects can work together better to do so. They introduced me to many new people in the industry from owners and operators to contractors, other architects and interior designers.

Q: What’s your biggest takeaway or “ah-ha” moment from the conference?


Cua: It's great to network and meet new people at these types of conferences. Everyone attending has a passion for senior living, so we all have a common ground. My biggest ah-ha moment was recognizing that even though there's a lot of competition on all levels, everyone is collectively working to improve the Senior Living Community by sharing their experiences, knowledge, and research - good and bad - because of our shared common ground.

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