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Owner: Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries

Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania

The first phase of the revised master plan continues the process of repositioning the campus and consists of 72 new, larger, revenue producing apartments and a dining and club room addition, all located at the heart of the community in a lightly used parking area, and, anticipating the later removal of the Healthcare Center to make room for additional independent living apartments and amenities.

This is a 4-story, 120,746 sq. ft. building with 72 independent living apartments, and a direct connection to dining and other amenities. There are four (4) one-bedroom units, five (5) one-bedroom apts. w/ dens, fifty-nine (58) two-bedroom units, and five (5) two-bedroom units with dens. Also provides some common spaces including a living room and a multipurpose room. 

Luther Crest Description
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