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The Presbyterian Home at Charlotte



Renovation of the existing Dining and Commons



20,000 Square Feet





The Sharon Towers Café’ and “Market Place” gracefully terminate the primary axis from the west cottage and apartment entry; and, turn the main commons corridor while also providing a comfortable transition space to the other dining venues. The spaces are designed to engage the passersby, similar to a neighborhood sidewalk café, with inviting but indirect views through finely detailed art glass and interior windows. The café includes sidewalk seating with tables, chairs, and a banquette seating alcove with a beautifully textured wood accent wall that adds appealing detail along the corridor. The sidewalk seating provides the opportunity for the chance meeting of friends as they pass along the main street corridor with the café immediately adjacent to grab a quick coffee and danish. The café is sized and arranged to operate at efficient staffing levels, while offering a widely varied menu which includes a coffee kiosk and the grab n’ go marketplace.  Immediately adjacent is the “a la minute” kitchen that extends the café’s services even further with great operational efficiencies. The finishes are crisply detailed wood paneling and a beautiful and functional wood grain tile and bronze kick panels, with custom artwork of local scenes. 

The Sharon Towers Club Room and Lounge also function as threshold spaces to the restaurant dining and other community programs. The Club Room and Lounge function as a destination space, gracefully terminating the primary axis leading from the front entry to the east; and, turning the main commons corridor, while also providing a comfortable transition space to a choice of dining venues. The clubroom and lounge engage passersby, similar to a neighborhood pub, with inviting but indirect views through finely detailed art glass and interior windows. The club room features a well-appointed wet bar with a double-sided stone fireplace that subtly subdivides the space into comfortably scaled seating areas with different kinds of seating to suit any residents’ taste. The club room also serves as a pre-function space for the adjacent casual and restaurant dining, as well as offering its own light dining menu. Additionally, the club room features large sliding doors that allow the space to be expanded to include the restaurant and provide greater flexibility. Both the club room and lounge; and, the newly renovated café at the other side of the common areas, have been met with resounding approval from the residents as comfortable bookends to their main street experience.

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