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Owner: Messiah Lifeways

Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

The new Enhanced Living apartments are a continuation of the Messiah Village existing personal care offer originally constructed in the late 1970’s.  The desire was for living units that were more in keeping with current personal care resident and family expectations for size and amenities.  Included in the design along with 26 larger Enhanced Living apartments are generous living and dining spaces, appointed with upscale residential finishes.  These new apartments are in a strategic location on the campus.  Their location serves as a hinge-pin connecting the existing Enhanced Living and Skilled Nursing buildings to the new Village Square development across Messiah Circle, the main circulating roadway on the Messiah Village campus.  A short walk across the second level connecting bridge, and Messiah Villages Enhanced Living residents can enjoy all of the new amenities in the Village Square! A unique aspect of the Enhanced Living addition is that while it is designed and built to function as a residential style Personal Care building, it is constructed to meet the design standards for Skilled Nursing should the market move in that direction in the future.  It looks like it belongs to the Residential Living components on campus, but meets the needs of the resident population that may require just a little more care. 

Messiah Village Description
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