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Owner: Friends Homes

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

For years Friends Homes Guilford and West had operated independently and grown culturally independent even though the entrances to the two campuses were separated by only 1/4 mile, albeit on a busy 4-lane street. The goal was to integrate the 20-acre Guilford campus, 55-acre West campus and the newly acquired 21-acre property into one cohesive community. To do so the team quickly settled on the need for an internal connection between all three parcels, thus necessitating construction of a 150 foot long bridge over a stream and floodplain with a planned greenway path open to the public. The internal connector road, utilized only by FHI residents and staff, connects the two new, front-porch, residential areas on each campus with sidewalks on both sides and houses close to the street to allow the kind of vital, front porch interactions that enhance a sense of community. 

Messiah Village Description
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