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Owner: Brightspire

Location: Laurinburg, North Carolina

In May of 2018, SCA was engaged by Brightspire to provide master planning services for the existing, 66-acre, Scotia Village community in Laurinburg, NC.  The existing, 32 year old, rural community consists of 67 IL apartments with 66 cottage and garden homes, 30 assisted living and 48 skilled nursing including 10 memory care beds. Like many rural communities Laurinburg is losing census and Scotia Village was in need of a plan to remain viable and attractive to the baby boomers from secondary and tertiary markets. The planning team identified a number of development initiatives to meet the owners’ objectives including:  

  1. North Village - 20 Garden Villa Apartments 

  2. Infill - 5 Cottages and Villa Twins 

  3. Wellness Addition 

  4. Laundry/BOH Addition 

  5. Maintenance Building 

  6. Lifelong Learning Center Addition and Renovation 

  7. Screened Porch Addition and Renovation 

  8. Assisted Living Renovation 

  9. Southeast Village - 13 Homes 

  10. Southwest Village - 19 Homes 

  11. Garden Apartment Renovation 

Messiah Village Description
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