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Owner: Baptist Retirement Homes

Location: Concord, North Carolina

The Gardens of Taylor Glen resides in the suburban and growing city of Concord, North Carolina. To keep up with the surrounding context, Taylor Glen plans to renovate and expand their current site to maximize their sense of community and connection to outdoors with various parks, trails, and gardens. Their renovations and expansions at their main community building include their common spaces, such as their Lifelong Learning Center, Wellness and Dining along with a few existing apartments to improve the curb appeal, living options and community spaces. The expansion of Taylor Glen calls for villa apartments, single homes, twin townhomes, assisted living units, a daycare, a clubhouse and an apartment expansion from the main community building. Through phasing, Taylor Glen will use SCA’s expertise to enhance their community with our design knowledge and innovation while maintaining Taylor Glen’s meaningful living and compassionate care.

Messiah Village Description
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