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Owner: Messiah Lifeways

Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

The new Village Square and Residential Living apartments are designed to be the center of community life, appealing to the new generation of residents who want to live in a mixed use setting with a choice of amenities within easy walking distance. The Enrichment Center will house the thriving Pathways Institute program that serves Messiah Village residents and others from the greater community with lifelong learning opportunities and increased social engagement. Additionally, the Wellness Center offers residents a full range of programs for fitness and wellness, including a pool for lap swimming or water aerobics, senior-friendly strength equipment or a multipurpose room for aerobics, tai chi and other land-based exercise programs. Additionally, a Spa where residents can enjoy soothing beauty treatments and massages is located adjacent to a beautifully landscaped courtyard. Completing the holistic approach to living, stimulating the mind, body and spirit, is the opportunity for healthy dining with friends in a casual waited dining bistro or a short order café. Above the Village Square and wrapping the landscaped courtyard are three stories of 84 Residential Living apartments ranging in size from a 790 square foot, one-bedroom apartment to a 1720 square foot, two-bedroom with den, most all of which have generous balconies with beautiful courtyard, Main Street or countryside views.

Messiah Village Description
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