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SCA Quick Take - Environments for Aging Atlanta

Our Managing Principals, Jeff and Juan, recently attended the Environments for Aging conference in Atlanta. We sat down with the two of them to ask a few questions on what they took away and learned from the conference as well as their “ah-ha” moments - read below for our SCA Quick Take:

Q: What did you enjoy most about the conference?


Juan: Getting to see the work of other architectural companies is always exciting, it allows us to compare our work, designs and the end product. We had the opportunity to tour a multistory senior building within the city, to see the architect’s response to a challenging location and its constraints. There were several senior communities showcased where the design was being evaluated, not only the opportunities that were missed but also the many positive responses from the end users, both owner and residents, as they make use of the services provided by the design.

Jeff: I have been attending these conferences for years.  The one thing that always stands out to me is the energy that everyone has for the senior living industry.  The energy gives you a refreshed attitude and view of what it is you have dedicated your life to.  The basics of senior living design always remains the same - provide a safe and comfortable environment to age with dignity.  These conferences are always developing new and exciting ways to enhance not only the seniors who live in these environments but also their families and the folks who provide their care.

Q: Who or what company did you enjoy meeting at the conference and why?


Juan: Jeff and I had the opportunity to meet an architect and an interior designer from Lantz-Boggio Architects. I got to meet architects and interior designers from Spellman Brady & Company, an interior planning and design firm. Everyone I met was passionate, it was easy to see they all care about senior living. A comment from an interior designer that still resonates with me was “We really like working with SCA, they treat us with respect”.

Jeff: This is not the first time we have met, but Bruce Hentges has grand ideas for changing the way we offer care to the middle-income folks of the world.  Bruce is not only the Vice President of Spellman Brady (interior design group) but also the co-founder of Elevate Senior Living.  He and the folks around him truly are pushing limits to provide better care, more care and affordable care to our seniors.  I always walk away from meeting Bruce being inspired about how we can direct change in the growing senior living world.

Q: What’s your biggest takeaway or “ah-ha” moment from the conference?


Juan: I would say my “ah-ha” was getting to meet people I had heard of face to face (and for them to meet me), to reaffirm previous relationships, that others experience the same pains, the same issues and challenges, and how they are dealing with them. But, most importantly, seeing that SCA’s work is really really good and that we can and should do even better.

Jeff: I would have to say that my biggest takeaway from this conference was how excited and dedicated my partner; Juan Nivia, was through-out the entire conference.  While it is great to catch up with friends and colleges in this community, to see how excited and driven my partner (of whom we have worked together in this field for over 16 years) was and the energy he will bring back to the office to strive to do better and better with every project we work on together is what really excited me, that was my biggest “Ah-Ha” moment at the 2024 EFA Conference.

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